Standard Copy developing Online So large

Now in Vigrxplusalert you can reveal photos online in standard size in professional paper of Fuji. You simply do not lose your memories because of a virus in your computer, a spoiled hard disk, or because you have erased the photos without wanting. In Vigrxplusalert you can print cheap photos with professional quality and thus to have your printed memories and out of danger.
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1 photographic Copy, 2 Paper Fuji DP II Professional, 3 Professional Quality

Standard Copy developing So large


With the system of impression of digital photos in standard size of Vigrxplusalert you can choose three finished or different textures. The finished brightness emphasizes by the enhancement of the colors when the light is reflected on copies. Finished mate maintains the color just as brilo, but it allows plus his manipulation, leaves less tracks. Finally finished silk emphasizes by its multi-point texture, very nice to the tact.
photos developing
1 Mate, 2 Brillo, 3 Silk (thousand points)

Sizes of Copies Standard

We offer 8 sizes to you of copies, 10x15, 11x15, 13x18, 13x20, 15x15, 15x20, 15x22 and 20x20. This way you can choose the size that you like more and the proportion that adjusts more to your camera or your preferences. And it remembers that if you ask more than 50 copies of the same size, the unitary price of each copy will be cheaper, thus you will be able to buy photos online of economic form.
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Paper and Professional Fuji Chemistry

In Vigrxplusalert for the digital copy developing of standard size we only used professional chemical paper. In particular we used paper Fuji DP II, the paper of more quality of Fuji and used by professionals more. In addition chemistry that also uses our machines is chemical professional of Fuji (CPRA Pro), and so we secured to an ample chromatic phantom and a stability in the time superior to 75 years.
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Profile of color

In Vigrxplusalert we know the important thing that it is the management of color to secure some optimal results for your impressions. For that reason we make your available the impression profile that we used when printing the photographic copy by chemical developing. Simply it unloadings, you install it, and you already can previsualiar as it is your image. By all means, we recommended to have calibrated the monitor with a colorimeter for a greater precision.

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Prices Copies So large Standard

The listing of prices includes the IVA.


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