Policy of returns

If your order arrives damaged or with a manufacture defect, háznoslo to know through contacto@vigrxplusalert.com email within the 14 working days following as of the date of reception of your order and we will do it again to you.

By virtue of the effective legislation the dropping of the claim right will not be applicable to the contracts that talk about to the provision of goods made according to the specifications of the consumer and user or clearly customized, as it is the case of our products. For this reason, Vigrxplusalert will not accept returns that do not correspond with the described ones in this policy of returns.

The products of Vigrxplusalert are realised individually by professionals of the industry of the impression in whom they put all the possible care in his accomplishment, in spite of it can exist cases in which the end item presents some characteristic that is not of total the affability of the client.

For multiple technical reasons, small variations of color in the impression of a same customized product can exist. These variations, dice the case, would be very subtle since all our equipment is calibrated daily for a reproduction of the possible most stable color. These small differences of color do not consider a production error. On the other hand, the attainment of a precise color depends on the calibration on the part of the user of its monitor and the atmosphere in which it works. In addition it would have to use the correct profiles of exit. All this process is considered own of a professional product and is outside the scope of the standard service of Vigrxplusalert. Therefore, in any case and as it regulates general, returns by subjects related to the color are not accepted.

Our products are customized and Vigrxplusalert will not publish them, will correct in no way or modify. The client is the responsibility to review it before sending it to impression.

You must pay special attention a:

* grammar Errors, unfinished texts or other errors in the text.

* Images of low resolution that can appear blurred in the impression, as well as the frame of the same. The system will warn the user of the images that do not fulfill the resolution requirements and will realise a previous one of the wished frame, being to the will of the client to incorporate them or not to the product. Therefore, Vigrxplusalert will not accept product returns by low resolution, definition of the images or fits.

* the representation of the product in screen is approximated and can have a difference of several millimeters in the later manufacture of the same. A manufacture error will not be considered a difference of up to 5 mm between the representation in screen and the final result of the same.

* the determination of the downtime begins since the customized product is ready and correct to print itself until the shipment of the same to the client. Therefore, they will not be considered outside those, downtime that undergoes delays not to be initially, when being received, ready or correct for his production and have needed, on the part of the user, some type of later correction.

Vigrxplusalert sends the orders to its clients through the company of logistic GLS, company of transport of recognized national and international prestige

Vigrxplusalert does all the possible one to respect the downtimes, nevertheless, person in charge does not become of the consequences due to a delay of shipment or a loss of the package on the part of people other people's to the transport contract. The terms of transport can be seen altered by extraordinary incidences in the carrier and difficulties in the delivery of the merchandise.

The errors attributable to the transport of the product (visible blows and damages at first) must be notified within the 24 hours following to their reception.

The errors attributable to the downtime on the part of the company in charge of the transport of the product, in no case will be attributable to Vigrxplusalert. In case of negligence on the part of the company in charge of the transport with respect to this established term, Vigrxplusalert, once reviewed the case, will be able to come to the installment of the order.

The expenses of shipment are 7,25€. For orders superiors to 200€ the bearing is gratuitous.

In Vigrxplusalert we sent with each order a number of pursuit so that its order will be located at any moment. Through the Web of the mail company, you will know where it is your order at that moment.

Once its order has left Vigrxplusalert, it is into the hands of the transport company. Therefore Vigrxplusalert does not control the order. If it had any doubt or it consults and its package already has left our warehouses, please it contacts directly to the company of transports.

The Buyer is responsible for the veracity and correction of its contributed data of direction. In case an error in the direction exists (wholly or partly) and shipment is required a second, the Buyer will become person in charge of the shipment cost which it could incur.

The term determined for the deliveries is among 1 to 3 days workable in the counted Iberian Peninsula from the moment at which the production of the order is finalized. In the case of the Balearic Islands the term will be of 3 to 5 days laborabes, and in the Canary Islands of 5 to 10 days workable.

Policy of cancellations: Vigrxplusalert will be able to accept the cancellation of the order as long as we have not come to its impression. In order to cancel his order it will have to go to the service of attention to the client of Vigrxplusalert, calling to 958 982 928.