Information on the payment

Your orders in Vigrxplusalert you can pay them with Credit card or Paypal.

Credit card

You can pay with your credit card with total security. In Vigrxplusalert we did not keep your card number of credit nor we have access to your banking data since these data are sent directly to the banks with whom we worked. All the purchases realised in our page are realised through a safe servant. At the moment at which your data are transmitted to the bank we used an outpost technology that encripta and protects all the information sent including your personal data as your name, direction and the card number of credit.


Also you can realise your payments in Vigrxplusalert with Paypal, at the present time the system of payment more surely through Internet, used massively in services as Amazon, Skype or eBay.


The main objective of Vigrxplusalert is the satisfaction of our clients. We concentrated in the quality of our products as well as in the fulfillment of the downtimes. In any case, if for whatever reason, a client were not satisfied, it is possible to be put in touch with us through email or calling to 958 982 928.