Meta Block

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Meta Block is elegant, stable and resitente

What is Meta Block?

Meta Block is a photographic copy (chemical developing) that adheres to a Meth-acrylate Block of 2 cm in thickness. Meta Block emphasizes by its elegance, its great stability, as well as a high brightness and effect of profundiad.

How it is Meta Block de Vigrxplusalert?

Meta Block de Vigrxplusalert is made up of a photographic copy (chemical developing) adhered to the Meth-acrylate Block of 2 cm in thickness. The Meth-acrylate gives to the copy a highest effect him of brightness and depth, as well as the sufficient stability as being placed standing up.

■Photographic copy (chemical developing)
■Meth-acrylate block of 2 cm in thickness

■Very stable, it does not need attachment

■High brightness and effect of profundiudadanco

■Optimal protection against the light and rays UV


Meta Block can be used generally for the decoration.

Profile of color

In Vigrxplusalert we know the important thing that it is the management of color to secure some optimal results for your impressions. For that reason we make your available the impression profile that we used when printing Meta Block. Simply it unloadings, you install it, and you already can previsualiar as it is your image. By all means, we recommended to have calibrated the monitor with a colorimeter for a greater precision.

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Meta Block