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The Photographic Copy impression in Chemical Paper is the impression process in which photosensitive paper to the light is used, and it is processed using chemical (revealing, whitening and stabilizer). Formerly they were used as original the negatives, and nowadays it is a digital file as which they are generated in the digital cameras.

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Vigrxplusalert: Professional laboratory Certificate by Fuji

In Vigrxplusalert we only used chemistry and professional paper of Fuji. In addition, in all the productive process, we applied the high levels of control. By this, Fujifilm Spain certifies the quality of impression of Vigrxplusalert. Fuji only grants this certification to very few laboratories, only those that fulfill their strict controls.

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Vigrxplusalert is Professional Photographic Laboratory with certificate of quality of Fuji.

- Certificate of Fuji quality

- Maximum quality control

- Paper and professional Fuji chemistry

- Stability of color

- Ample range of finished

The Photographic Copy Impression in Vigrxplusalert

In Vigrxplusalert, for the Photographic Copy Impression, we only used photographic paper chemical professional (paper Fuji DP II Professional), and chemicals (chemical Fuji CPRA Pro) of FUJI. Thus we assured the maximum quality and durability for your memories. Also, the machinery that utlizamos is of last generation, reason why you will obtain the best consistency of color in all the process.

Paper and Chemistry

Professional paper Fuji DP II
Chemistry Fuji Hunt CPRA Pro
Maxima quality and durability
Consisting of colors all the process

To print Photos Online. Photographic Copy developing Online.

In Vigrxplusalert you can print your photos online. Our service of photographic copy developing online offers the possibility to you of printing your photos with the same paper, chemistry, treatment and machinery that the professionals. Price of the market feels as a professional with the best relation quality to you/. Four products available to reveal photographic copies that adapt to all the pleasures.
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Copies of Standard Size
The Copies of Standard Size are oriented for all those that have made a trip, want to shape a memory or must print a great amount of photos. It is the best product not to lose your memories because of a damaged hard disk, a defective memory card or simply to erase accidentally your photographic file. In addition, if you ask more than 50 copies of the same size you will obtain more reasonable prices.
Copies of So large Poster
If what you want is to extend a photo to a greater size, you can choose the So large product Copies Poster. It prints in chemical photographic paper until 70x100 cm in paper Fuji DP II, the paper of the professionals. In addition we used chemistry Fuji CPRA Pro, thus we guaranteed a stability superior to the 75 years. As Copies So large Standard, you can choose 3 finished, brightness, mate or silk. And if you request more than 20 Copies So large Poster the unitary price is more reasonable.
Copies in Metallic Paper Extreme HD
The Copies in Metallic paper Extreme HD will surprise by their high resolution, as well as by a saturation of spectacular color. Also the impression of images in black and white is adapted for the Metallic paper, giving to a metalised effect matchless silver plating. You can choose between 11 sizes of Copies in Metallic Paper, and if you ask more than 5 of the same size, the unitary price of each copy will be more cheap.

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