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Impression Dibond Aluminum

The Dibond Aluminum is a fantastic material, light, rigid and with a high durability, as much, that it is used commonly in the construction. The Dibond Aluminum is made up of two plates of aluminum and in its inner polythene, habitually of black color and 3 millimeters in thickness.

as dibond is the aluminum
1 Frontal of Aluminum, 2 plastic Polythene Capa, 3 Aluminum Back

Your Photos Dibond Aluminum

The Dibond Aluminum is a great option when we want to emphasize some of our photographies. Thanks to its resistance, durability, lightness and consistency, the Dibond Aluminum is the perfect support for your images. In addition, in Vigrxplusalert you can choose between different products with finished in Dibond Aluminum. From one it copies photographic that adheres to the aluminum plate, to print directly on this aluminum.
photo dibond

Copy Photographic Dibond Aluminum
If what you wish is a mounted Photographic Copy in a rigid support, lasting and light we recommended our product to you Photographic Copy in I aluminate Dibond. The photographic copy in Vigrxplusalert is printed in chemical paper Fuji DP II. In addition a laminate to the photographic copy for its protection is applied, thus we secured to a greater durability and protection of your images.
Direct impression UV in Dibond Aluminum
With our product of Direct Impression UV on Dibond Aluminum you will have a product of the maximum quality, to a very competitive price and that in addition you will be able to place in humid sites as in a bathroom, or sites of outside as in a terrace thanks to his treatment UV in the impression. In Vigrxplusalert we used Direct Impression UV to 6 inks, the maximum quality in the market in this type of impression.
photo dibond
1 Photographic Copy in Dibond Aluminum, 2 Direct Impression UV in Dibond Aluminum, 3 Direct Impression UV in Brushed Dibond Aluminum
Direct impression UV in Brushed Dibond Aluminum
Brushed the Dibond Aluminum surprises by its texture that passes on to the printed image giving a spectacular effect. Direct Impression UV on Brushed Dibond Aluminum is a very original product with which you will be able to decorate as much in interior places as in outside since the technology with which it is printed allows it.

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