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Photographic copies
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Dibond aluminum
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Personalizdas cups
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Marco de Aluminio
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Brushed aluminum
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Fine Art - Hahnemühle
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Meta Block
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Linen cloth
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Madera impression
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Professional impression and Decoration with your Photos in Professional Photographic Laboratory


The laboratory of Vigrxplusalert photography was based on 2006. From the home our services have concentrated in obtaining the maximum professional quality. The main objective of Vigrxplusalert, is to offer a professional photographic laboratory online where to print photos to the professionals or fans to the photography. Our great supply of impression of photos, with the finished quality and variety of, makes of Vigrxplusalert the perfect place to print your digital photos and thus to be able to decorate with them or to make overwhelming gifts.
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Vigrxplusalert has professionals related to the photographic laboratories for more than 30 years. Each dedicated to the different specialties from impression and finished to be able to obtain lasting products of great quality and in the time, the maximum quality to a very competitive price. All this together with the use of machinery of last generation, for of Vigrxplusalert a great professional photographic laboratory.
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Photographic technology

In Vigrxplusalert we used different technologies and techniques for the accomplishment from our products. For the photographic copy impression we used the best chemistry and professional photographic paper of the market of the hand of Fuji. In addition Vigrxplusalert owns the Certificate of Excellence that grants Fuji only to the laboratories that pass their strict tests of quality, since we have all our controlled productive processes. The impression system that we used for the photographic developing is realised with machinery of Durst, world-wide leader in the sector of the professional photochemical impression.
To print Photos in Professional Photographic Laboratory

Technology Direct Impression UV

The technique of impression more novel than we used in Vigrxplusalert is direct impression UV. For the impression of these products we used machinery of HP of last generation. In this case the inks are applied on the wished support and they pay attention to this by means of ultraviolet light. This allows to even secure to a stability and durability for applications of outside if the chosen support allows it. This system of impression has two great advantages. One is that when printing itself directly on the support the costs are reduced, and the other is that we can print directly on materials (aluminum, wood, pvc…) that until recently they were unthinkable.
Detail of direct impression in wood

Technology Plotter Red Injection

Another technique of impression in Vigrxplusalert is the red injection. The plotter of Epson with pigmented inks of 11 colors Ultrachrome HD/HDX is able to reach a 98% of the table of Pantone colors and an extraordinary durability. In addition to inks the artistic papers of Hahnemühle (free 100% of acids and blanqueantes) make possible authentic works of art Fine Art printed with quality museum. The quality, variety and textures of these papers, make of Vigrxplusalert the ideal place to print your works of art.
By all means to print in canvas, or what is the same to print in linen cloth, also is realised with this technique. You can choose to print your linen cloth in Vigrxplusalert two qualities following the material used for his impression, economic and a superior with linen cloth of Hahnemühle. This way we adapted to all the presupuetos. It turns your photos into decorative works of art with Vigrxplusalert.
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